Simple And Quaint...

This home is so simple and charming and the light tones help the home feel larger!  
I have been helping a couple of clients remodel their homes as of late.  These homes have floor to ceiling dark stained wood and they can't seem to get themselves to paint the wood (the males haha).  They do complain about how heavy and dark their homes are - especially the wives.   When wood is painted, the energy of the wood still comes through the paint.  The Scandinavians/French have been doing it for hundreds of years and when balanced - leaving a little stained wood here and there, it will lighten the mood of the home.

I love how the white paint is the perfect canvas for all her charming vintage pieces.
Notice the last image - if all the wood was stained dark, we wouldn't even notice her sweet table.
It's all about balance!

I hope your enjoying the Holidays!

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