Shabby Shabby...

What's your favorite take on Shabby Chic?!  
I have always been a fan of this particular style - minus the heavy foofy fabrics.
Shabby reminds me of beautiful old European/American shaker homes, filled with beautiful reclaimed items with history.  I love the funny side table built by a humble farmer, or the old patina light fixture hanging in the entry way.  I love the find - the one-of-a-kind item you only see once!  
In the 1980's Great Britain inspired this design, from their old country houses full of shaded items.  Travel into Sweden and France, you get the same ideas only with different shades/hues of color.
Once you find that special one-of-a-kind piece, they become heirlooms forever!

Rachel's Kitchen

all images via pinterest and Little Blue Deer

The queen of it all Rachel Ashwell has brought beautiful insights through her amazing books and stores! She is the perfect example of someone who design's from their heart to create timeless, luxurious beauty!
So if you're wanting this particular design, her books are the perfect inspiration!

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