Since my husband and I have been building in Midway, we have been constantly up and down Provo Canyon enjoying the peaceful twenty minute drive.  
One thing that has been noticeably different is the climate change - WOW what a difference!!! 
Midway is not only beautiful, but the air quality compared to the valley is staggering!!  For years we have been breathing in the worst pollution due to the inversion in the winter.  For the past week we have been waking up to mucky-filthy air; you can't see the sun for days!  When we take our drive up the canyon it's like breaking through a wall into the most beautiful, sunny, peaceful valley. 
Now I know why winter has been so difficult for me - it's awful, but not in Midway!  I can't wait to get up there! Recently I have been trying to get my Mother/ Father-in-law to build a home up by us.
 Below are a compilation of images that remind me of Charlene and Brent and what their home would look like... hint hint:

I'm so lucky to have the BEST in-laws!
Love you Brent and Charlene Ashworth!!!

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