The Indoor Shutter... Brilliant!

Both Brooke and her husband Steve are drawing up their beautiful dream home out in the country!
I can't tell you how much fun I have had looking at images and sketches of this soon to be amazing home out in the country... my dream!
My husband and I have our home on the market for the same reasons!  We are planning on moving to a charming little town called Midway; it's about fifteen minutes from Park City, Utah and has so many wonderful outdoor opportunities for our little family.
Brooke has posted several images of brilliant ideas, one of those ideas is using true authentic shutters inside the home:

via Chateau en el sur de Francia Deleuze

via Mary Bairstow

via Chateau de moissac

These shutters add so much warmth and character while at the same time letting the perfect amount of light in when needed... what do you think?

Hope you are all enjoy your Spring Break!!

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