Fun Beach Homes

One of my favorite things to do in California is to walk the charming streets of Corona del Mar, Newport and Laguna beach.  
My husband calls me the peeping-tom, because at night I love to walk streets and look in each home to see how they have decorated.  Half the fun is seeing how embarrassed my husband gets while I drag him around. 

We eat at our favorite restaurant "Five Crowns" for dinner and then after stuffing ourselves we take our "peeping tom" walk.  To create a better view, here are some pics of homes in Corona del Mar during the day:

Charming french inspired home.  I love how the neighborhood has a mix of old world and cape cod charm.

Charming cape cod home... I swoon over eyebrow windows.

I find this home so fascinating!  I have been watching this home go up for years, I still believe they are finishing... what a project!

Sorry for the terrible picture, but I had to add this beautiful colonial style home.

Here are some fun homes in Balboa:

French quarter style home.  This home in person is magical!

Here are two different angles of my favorite home in California.  The slate roof added so much texture and dimension and to top it off, this boat was in front of the home:

... I almost went up to the front door and asked if I could move in

That stucco with the steel windows is so elegant and timeless.

I love this beautiful home, look at the sweet couple in the front maintaining their yard.

Another gorgeous colonial style home.

... no details are missed

Have a wonderful week!!

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