French Bliss

I'm stumped, I cannot remember where I found these pictures!  I do know that this home is called "Villa Stenhuset," but I don't know where it is located.  I had to share these pictures because of the unique layout.

Loving the Horse... a little random, but I like!

Look at how those urns pop!!  So elegant and timeless.  All I can say is "French bliss."

A beautiful dining area off the kitchen.  I LOVE the table!  Those windows look identical to French doors... a good way to save some money.

This is beautiful, but I have to say not as practical... the Lacanche is too far away; but I do love how the Lacanche carries the room as its own furniture piece, this is why I love expensive appliances... they are my weakness!

I do love this room... the purple crystal chandelier, the Louis fireplace, the French doors, the soothing color tones, but I'm not crazy about those couches/pillows, they fight the feel of the room.  I would use Velvet or Belgian linen. 

I had to throw in some of my favorite French rooms/elments:

via: Jill Sharpe room

I had to throw this picture in from "Cote Quest." I can't get over the sheep in the corner!

I wish I could see that Louis fireplace...

Ahhhh... velvet!!!

Have a wonderful week!!

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