Can't resist the Belgian!

What a beautiful warm salon with its French Louis XV fireplace combined with warm elements.

Have you ever seen such beautiful office spaces?  It's as though they have lime-washed stains mixed with white washes, and I love how the floors are left in their natural state with no stains at all.

A little French flair thrown in.

Must have this bathroom!!!!  So soft and timeless.

Another beautiful Belgium bathroom!

I was flipping through the House Beautiful magazine and came across Jill Brinson's home which compliments Belgium decor.  She has mixed industrial elements with rustic materials.  I can't get enough of these steel windows and doors that I have been seeing.

What a beautiful kitchen!  I love how the widows continue to the floor, it brings the outside in perfectly.

Who would have thought of crewel fabric up the walls?  This is why Brinson is good at what she does!

I can't get over how well French and Belgium elements compliment each other in so many ways!  Thanks to Greet and her blog "Belgian Pearls," I'm able to see daily unique ways Belgium decor can be incorporated into any type of style.

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