Gers, France

Lets talk Gers, France!  It is said to be a region of Europe where people live the longest...sounds good to me!  It has always been said that this region "is where the good life comes easy."

Anne Gayet is a former Parisian antiques dealer who decided to work on the remains of an old home left to a century of rack and ruin.  I love the Gustavian style she incorporated with the southern climate.

I love the textures!!

Love the collection of silver-gilded mirrors!  It brings the perfect touch of opulence to the more rustic wood.  Below the 17th-century pier glass is a perfect balance next to the beautiful set of English terra-cotta terrines.

I love how she put the Directoire gaming table with the Louis XV chair behind the couch.  Everything is so soft and serene.

Look how darling this room is.  It is a summer living room that looks out onto the swimming pool through beautiful French windows.  I love the Gustavian table and bench seat.  Can I just say "DREAMY"

I can't help but notice how beautiful the floors are in this house, there is so much texture and dimension.  I love the 19th-century bronze-and-crystal chandelier coupled with the (Blanc d'Ivoire) quilted table cloth.  Where is (Blanc d'Ivoire) when you need them?  Please make your stuff more accessible for Americans?

Way to go Anne... you're amazing!!!!
Now who wouldn't want to move to Gers and live a long wonderful life?
I just need to learn French first.

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