The Beautiful Mora Clock

Thanks to the peasant people of Dalarna Sweden, we are able to have these beautiful clocks. Between 1750 and 1760, there wasn't sufficient funds to support the growing population. Making these clocks helped support the people during hard winter months around the city of Mora. I'm so grateful some of these clocks withstood the test of time. They make me happy. I WANT ONE!

I love the Gustavian painted chairs surrounding the round French walnut wine-tasting table. By the doorway sits a fun Mora clock. is by far my favorite website for finding Mora clocks or any other Swedish antique. They have a huge warehouse in Atlanta chock full of yummy pieces.

My dream someday is to have a cozy beach home filled with large soft linen sofas and wood tassel light fixtures hanging in every room, oh yes and my Mora clock. These pictures show that Swedish pieces can go anywhere!

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